The technological revolution has enabled a global public sphere, determined by immaterial characteristics of circulation, storage and accessibility of the image. Within this state of affaires, characterized by discontinuity and heterogeneity, the past charges a strange ubiquity.

The new statute of the image has generated important changes concerning aesthetics, art poetics, consumer ways, control and distribution of the art, and fresh narratives for the disciplines that used to study the image of the art.
This project, "Art images and rewriting narratives in Global Visual Culture", begins with the consolidation of a workspace. There we will develop researches affected by the gradual establishment of what we consider a new episteme (in words of J.L. Brea a “scopic episteme”).

More precisely, our purpose is to elaborate the methodology of "thinking in images", something that we have been using either from the artistic praxis, or from the visual theory and art history. In this way, we agree with Susan Buck-Morss that thinking in images “have the power to alter conventional narratives of the twentieth century”

The fundamental aim of our project focuses on promoting young researchers, whether artists or art historians -in fact, there are more of them than seniors members in our team-. We also try to offer them the possibility of managing all the important criteria in order to discriminate the possibilities of their disciplines. So, they would be able to suggest new masters and postgraduate degrees within the European context for the reorganization of the University of Knowledge.