FotoMaría CUnillera

María Cunillera. Professor of History of Art and Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design-IED Madrid. She collaborates with the Education Department of CA2M-Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo giving workshops. In autumn 2013, she prepared and taught the course "Getting in and out of the frame", on visual models, for Friends of the Thyssen Museum in Madrid.

PhD from the UCM with the Thesis Metaphors of Voracity in 20th Century Art (2009, directed by Aurora Fernández Polanco), a research on the critique of ocularcentrism and visual essentialism of Modernism, articulated around October and Documents magazines, besides Brazilian cultural anthropophagy. In the course of this research, she participated in R & D group Representations of Violence and Evil in Contemporary Art and Culture (BHA2001-1479-C04-01) and was a visiting researcher at the University College of London and PUC Sao Paulo.

She has published several texts, including "Boca" and " Simetría" (the latter in collaboration with Aurora Fernández Polanco) in El viaje hacia la Complejidad vol. IV (Biblioteca Nueva, 2013); "Cuentos de Louise Bourgeois" in Lecturas para un espectador inquieto (Yayo Aznar and Pablo Martínez (eds), CA2M, 2012); "Mujeres devoradoras. Un recorrido del surrealismo a nuestros días" in Crítica Feminista y Comunicación (Comunicación Social, 2007) or "Negarse a mirar: lo abyecto” in Cuerpo y mirada, huellas del siglo XX (Aurora Fernández Polanco (ed.), MNCARS, 2007), which collects the lecture for the Congress of the same name, held at MNCARS, 2006. She has also participated in other congresses as the 3º Encontro Internacional de Comunicaçao, Cultura e Mídia (CISC, Sao Paulo, 2006).