Foto Marta Labad

Marta Labad is an artist and is currently working on her thesis, Times and Affections in Contemporary Art Practices: from tic-tacs in Fordist production to disorders in Post-Fordist life, thanks to a FPU predoctoral scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports.

Marta holds a BFA, Extraordinary Award, from the UCM and holds an MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship (2007-2009). She did graduate studies in Photography at EFTI and holds a BArch from the School of Architecture of Barcelona (UPC.)

She holds a Teaching Teaching Certificate from the Harriet W. Sheridan Center and was a TA at  the Visual Arts Department from Brown University. She was instructor of record at RISD, teaching Intro to Photography and intern at the Photo Department.  She has been working as a designer and project manager in corporate and exhibit design.

Marta was selected for the Portfolio Review  Salón de Verano (2014), P4+4, Prueba de artista, curated by Juan Luis Moraza at Anexo Espacio Mínimo (2012), IKAS Art Feria Intenacional de Arte Universitario (2011),  Premio Joven Fundación UCM (2010), 31 Under 31: Young Women in Art Photography at the Humble Arts Foundation de New York (2008) and Exposure: 13th PRC Annual Juried Exhibition, curated by Aperture’s  Leslie Martin at the Boston Photographic Resource Center (2008).