Sagrario Aznar Picture

Sagrario Aznar Almazán is Ph.D. in Art History and currently Professor in the Department of Art History at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia of Madrid.

Her publications include books like El cauce de la memoria. Arte en el siglo XIX (Madrid, Istmo, 1998), Arte de acción (Madrid, Nerea, 2000), La memoria pública (Madrid, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, 2002), El Guernica (Madrid, Edilupa, 2004) or La memoria compartida. España y Argentina en la formación de un imaginario cultural (Buenos Aires, Paidós, 2005). She has also written many articles on contemporary art in journals as Fragmentos, Kalías o Territorio público and texts for some exhibition catalogues. She is co-director, with Professor Javier Hernando Carrasco, of the book collection Arte Hoy, published by Nerea.

Her research focuses on two main issues: the relationship between art and politics since the seventies and, the problems of the status and reception of images in both the representation of madness and the analysis of the images of current war conflicts. These, though shared by everyone, are “vanished” on the surface of media.