Santiago Lucendo Picture

Santiago Lucendo Lacal (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). At present day he is collaborator at the Contemporary Art History Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts (UCM) where he participates in the present R+D project while teaching Art History at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. In 2009 his thesis El vampiro como imagen-reflejo: estereotipo del horror en la modernidad was read after some years working in the vampire and terror images in general. During this research period stayed at The Warburg Institute in London, published Vampiros (Fernando Villaverde Editores 2005) and some articles, such as «Algunos lugares del Mal en la Cultura moderna» in Imágenes de la Violencia edited by Valeriano Bozal (Antonio Machado 2005) or «Return Ticket to Transylvania: Relations between Historical Reality and Vampire Fiction» in Draculas, Vampires, and Other Undead Forms. Essays on Gender, Race, and Culture by Browning and Picart (Scarecrow Press 2009).